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Coffee That Changes Lives

Better World Beans coffee is no ordinary bag of specialty coffee but one that has a deeper meaning. We source directly from a cooperative of 15 small-producing family coffee farmers in the rural mountains of the Dominican Republic. Our 3 Core Pillars set us apart and as we grow and prosper, so do our farmers. Your purchase is a vote for a more just and equitable world.

Three Core Pillars


Our first pillar encompasses the way we cultivate good stewardship of the earth while creating a spirit community. By promoting responsible farm management, we use the fields of agroecology and permaculture to inform the way our farmers cultivate coffee so that their ecologically important region can prosper without compromising its natural ecosystem importance.


Building strong human-to-human connections comes first in any community development approach. We have had long standing relationships with this community of coffee farmers for over 5 years. Our farmers are often taken advantage of in the global marketplace because they do not have the resources and education to compete fairly. We treat our farmers with respect and dignity and listen to them first before voicing any recommendations.


Better World Beans provides high quality, specialty grade coffee from one of the best growing coffee regions in the Caribbean. Many within the coffee industry have not tried a Dominican coffee, and its smooth and tasty flavor profile attract both novice coffee drinkers and industry leaders alike.

A Coffee can't change lives alone - Join Us

Our coffee is roasted in Cincinnati but has been sold all over the country from California to New York. We collaborate with high schools, universities, offices, and others. Learn about our campus ambassador program or buy a subscription for your office.